Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a treatment last? A consultation can last from 15 minutes, up to one hour. A course of treatment consists of three consultations approximately one week apart. The first consultation always includes a detailed assessment by the therapist.

Can the therapist diagnose my problem? No. Bowen Therapists do not diagnose. Bowen Therapy is about preparing your body so that it can self adjust and repair itself. If you want a diagnosis, you will be advised to see your doctor.

What can Bowen Therapy safely treat? Bowen therapy is safely used on any age group, to treat a broad range of conditions. Because the therapist merely initiates the healing process and your body then takes over, Bowen can be used to help many physical and emotional problems. For example, conditions that may respond well to Bowen include: arthritis, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraine, infant colic, stress and tension.

Can I mix Bowen Therapy with other treatments or therapies? It is recommended that Bowen is not mixed with other (alternative or remedial) therapies. The body continues to self adjust after treatment over several days, so you should be prepared to stop other therapies for at least a week before and during the course of Bowen therapy otherwise, your response to treatment may be limited. However, Bowen therapy does not interfere with traditional medical management. If you are seeing your doctor regularly, it is sensible to inform him/her about your plans to have Bowen treatment.

How much will it cost? A course of three consultations costs £135. The first appointment costs £45 and always includes an assessment and history-taking. Subsequent sessions cost £45. Single appointments for maintenance Bowen etc. cost £45. Babies, children under 16 years, OAP’s and the disabled, get a discounted service.

Do I have to be unwell or have a problem to have Bowen? No. People have Bowen Therapy for many reasons. Introduction to Bowen is often because of problems. When these problems are resolved, some people often choose to have periodic top up sessions. This doesn’t diminish the power of Bowen, in fact, it maximises its’ beneficial effects. One or two Bowen sessions a year can help towards maintaining a healthy mind and body balance. These maintenance sessions can be all that is needed to keep physical and emotional issues at bay.

What if my questions are not answered here? For more information and advice about Bowen Therapy, why not contact Linda direct for a free consultation. All enquiries are treated strictly confidentially.

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Suitable for:

Stress & Tension
Sleep disturbance
Recovery of energy, Chronic Fatigue
Infant disorders - sleep problems, bed wetting, ADD, ADHD
Infant colic
Fertility problems
Breast pain. PMT
Digestive problems, IBS
Neck and Back problems
Shoulder and elbow problems including
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), carpal tunnel
Knee, ankle, foot problems
Competitive sports preparation and injury prevention
Hamstring problems
Respiratory conditions, Asthma, Hayfever
Headaches, Migraine, Jaw function problems
Neurological events i.e. Stroke, Bell's palsy
Chronic medical conditions
and much more...