Linda Birnie

Linda started work in the Health Service in 1976. She qualified as a Nurse to care for people with learning difficulties (RNMH) in 1981. This was soon followed by General Nurse training (RGN 1983).

‘There was a gap in my understanding and knowledge so I decided to do something about it.’

Until she started Midwifery training in 1990 her time was spent having a family, relocating to North Yorkshire and working between the two nursing professions.

‘I always wanted to be a midwife, but the opportunity didn’t arise until much later in my career.’

Linda continues as a midwife today. Over the last 10 years, she has completed a teaching qualification and also trained as an Ultrasonographer and latterly as a Bowen Therapist. It was whilst teaching (midwifery) that she came across Bowen. A midwife colleague was a trained therapist and she was using Bowen to help pregnant women with back-pain.

‘There is very little anyone can do to help women if they are struggling in pregnancy, so Bowen Therapy was a breakthrough for me.’

The rest is history. As a Bowen Therapist and Practitioner, Linda is committed to a continuous programme of Professional Development. Her experience and broad knowledge base has helped her to become a skilled therapist. By working with the client, therapy is tailored to provide the professional one-to-one treatment desired.

Her motto is ‘I won’t waste our time and you won’t waste your money.’ I want people to get better or, at the very least to improve their quality of life.

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Suitable for:

Stress & Tension
Sleep disturbance
Recovery of energy, Chronic Fatigue
Infant disorders - sleep problems, bed wetting, ADD, ADHD
Infant colic
Fertility problems
Breast pain. PMT
Digestive problems, IBS
Neck and Back problems
Shoulder and elbow problems including
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), carpal tunnel
Knee, ankle, foot problems
Competitive sports preparation and injury prevention
Hamstring problems
Respiratory conditions, Asthma, Hayfever
Headaches, Migraine, Jaw function problems
Neurological events i.e. Stroke, Bell's palsy
Chronic medical conditions
and much more...