Linda is committed to providing a professional quality service, tailored to suit the individual. According to her clients, she is doing just that:

After suffering from a prolonged viral infection which left me feeling absolutely exhausted and not able to attend school for several weeks, Linda came to visit me at my home upon a friend's recommendation. The day after the first treatment I felt so much better and the terrible fatigue was beginning to lessen. The second treatment left me more energised and feeling so much more confident that I was able to return to my studies full time and not part time as I had originally envisaged. Elizabeth – suffering with a post viral fatigue

I had never heard of Bowen untill my friend told me. I contacted Linda who came to my house, as none of the other therapies had helped at all. I was in so much pain taking painkillers most days and struggling to do everyday things. By night I was in agony and could not sleep. After 3 sessions with Linda, I feel so much better. The pain has eased so much, I can even touch my toes and took my dog for a 2 hour walk - something I can't remember the last time I did. Linda is an excellent therapist, very professional and explains everthing. I will recommend Bowen to everyone. Sue - Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and bulging lumbar disc

If the body was an instrument, it feels as though your whole body has been re-tuned as well as improving the problem areas. Sue - Suffering from arm weakness and shoulder discomfort. Problem improved by 80% by the end of 3 sessions

Dear Ms Birnie,

I was recommended to visit you for Bowen Treatment by my daughter as I had been suffering from a very stiff neck and shoulder which made even driving the car very difficult.

After only three treatments the difference is amazing. I am able to drive again vary comfortably and turn my neck without pain.

I would like to thank you for your professioanl and caring approach. Bowen is a surprisingly gentle treatment with no painful side effects and with tremendous results obtained very quickly.

I would like to endorse your treatments and am very happy for my comments to be used by way of recommendation to others.

Thank you very much.
Bernhard Perschke, Harrogate

Dear Linda,

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to put pen to paper but at last I have got around to it. I would just like to say thank you so much for the 3 treatment sessions that I had with you, the difference it has made to me is amazing.

I had never heard of Bowen Therapy until I had a conversation with Sue and Paul R. who have both had Bowen treatment from yourself. I have suffered with RSI for quite a few years now and it was progressively getting worse. By the end of week I was in agony with pains in my neck, shoulders and arms and was having to resort to pain killers to get some sort of relief and to try and get some sleep. So after speaking to Sue and Paul I thought I have nothing to lose by tryiing this form of treatment and I am so glad I did. I started to notice a difference after the first session and by the third and final session I was pain free. and have continued to be that way. I found the treatment so relaxing there was no pulling and pushing or cracking of joints so you could really relax and the tips you gave me have really worked and it is so nice to be able to get a full nights sleep again.

Thank you once again for the treatments and I would recommend that people give the Bowen Therapy a try it reallly worked for me.
Karen G., Thirsk

Hi Linda,

Hope your are well. We are both very well thanks to you & Bowen! A bit late, sorry, but a quick note for your future clients....Andy, a 42 year old farmer, who had spent every day of his working life undertaking manual work, had suffered from unbearable back, neck & shoulder pain for many years.

Pain killers were a daily requirement. Any treatments he had tried in the past had been sought out reluctantly, as hands on manipulation was too painful to endure.

Late last year, as the pain was hindering his day to day routine, Andy reluctantly agreed to meet Linda for 3 courses of Bowen administered over a 3 week period (with the understanding that Linda would cease treament if an improvement wasn't evident after the first two).

The treatment was non-invasive, & to Andys utter amazement, an improvement was felt almost immediately, with pain levels considerable reduced after 2 sessions. Andy continued with the 3 sessions, and now 4 months later remains pain free!!
Gill, Ripon

Dear Linda,

I would like to thank you for the recent course of Bowen Therapy that you provided for me. As you know I initially sought treatment for a recurring sinus problem and for a nagging pain in my leg which was affecting my ability to run. Two very diverse problems I'm sure you'll agree but you took it all in your stride.

You were professional at all times, the depth of medical history you required was impressive and your analysis of body posture was most helpful. As for the treatment itself, I know you have struggled to find a way to adequately describe it and after undergoing the treatment I have to confess I can be of no help here at all other than to say that I enjoyed it immensely, felt quite de-stressed and invigorated after it and am certainly going to put it on my calendar as an annual event, rather like the MOT for the car.

As to my initial problems, there was temporary relief from the sinus problem and the recurrence doesn't seem to be as often at the moment so I am hopeful that the Bowen has certainly helped in this area. The shin pain eased even after the first session with you and has now gone completely and I am able to run without any problems from that area. For this I am really grateful to you as I thought I was going to have to abandon running really before I had even got started.

I would happily recommend Bowen Therapy and yourself in particular to anyone who was suffering a similar problem. In fact I would recommend it to everyone just because I certainly felt great after each session.

Thank you again Linda and I look forward to booking in with you again next year.
Lynn S., Business Director, Ripon

Dear Linda,

i am writting to say thank you for your help.

I have a very busy life with long lasting sessions of hard work. recently I started experiencing pain in my shoulders and back and neck. it did not improve much with medications which I hate anyway. I was clueless as to what else can I do.

Being a health care professional myself I never thought that any kind of therapy can do any good to me for my shoulder pain.

My view was completely changed after I met linda and a trial of bowen therapy. it was wonderful. she knows her stuff well and I felt immediate relief in my pain and stiffness only with my first session. It was only by opportunity at a professional meeting in cambridge that I met her. I had two short sessions of bowen therapy but I am still benefitting from it.

I recommend linda for this type of treatment without any hesitation.

Thank you

To whom it may concern.

I am writing this letter to express my thanks to Linda Birnie and the Bowen Treatment!

The Bowen treatment given by Linda only lasts several sessions, so it is not expensive long term. It starts with an in-depth chat about every bit of your health to give a full picture and makes you feel confident.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have constant pain and no energy! My husband has very bad back pain following an operation – we both tried Bowen Therapy and feel so much better – less pain and more energy and stamina – we can highly recommend it!

Do please give it a try!

Yours sincerely
Sue and Paul Ruston, Thirsk

Over many years I have been a keen sportsman, playing rugby, racing motocross and jet skis and I have suffered numerous related injuries. In the past I have used osteopaths, physios and chiropractors with varying degrees of success. Although they never seemed to completely remedy the situation.

More recently I damaged my lower back while participating in my new found pursuit. Extreme Crocus Planting.

I decided on the recommendation of my wife Jane to try Bowen Therapy.

I contacted Linda to arrange the treatment and she explained to me what was entailed. She described it as a “sort of poke and go therapy”. Well, being a worldly sort of chap and having lived and worked in some interesting places in Europe I was intrigued and decided to give it a go.

After 3 treatments I now have no back pain at all and have been able to resume my new found pursuit, and I also feel that good I’m now adding Dangerous Daffodil Planting to my repertoire.

I have no hesitation of recommending Linda Birnie to anyone who is suffering pain through injury.
Sean Keogh, Harrogate

Dear Linda

I am writing to say how much I appreciated your expertise with Bowen Therapy recently.

I lead a very busy life as a Telecom plus Distributor and single parent and came to a sudden halt a few months ago when I fell heavily against a lamp-post and cracked a rib.

I was in varying degrees of pain and stiffness for about a month and knew from my own background as a therapist, that my body needed some treatment to speed recovery.

After the first session with you I felt a difference, and after the second we knew I was well on the way to recovery.

I was particularly impressed by your expertise and confidence, and with the very short course of treatment, compared to many repeat visits for other therapies. This not only proves that the treatments work, but it saved my valuable time and money.

I am very pleased to recommend your services to anyone who values their body – it’s the only one they have!
Pat Stanton, Ripon

Linda has helped to heal my Achilles tendonitis, enabling me to walk without a limp and now I am continuing to strengthen my muscles in my legs. Her treatment continues to realign and allow my body to slowly heal itself.

She is very thorough and professional in her treatment of her patients and even able to help in an emergency situation: I put my back out and she came and treated me in my home (I was unable to drive due to the pain in my back). It helped greatly and over the next few days my back returned to normal.
Mrs Foulkes, Harrogate

When I first met Linda I thought she was friendly and professional, she explained everything

I found Bowen to be gentle, relaxing and energising, and would recommend it to all ages. Another bonus is you can keep your clothes on for the treatments and Linda will travel to your own home.
Mrs Briggs, Harrogate

A long standing sporting injury significantly improved after a couple of sessions.

Linda is approachable, professional and quickly puts you at ease. I found the Bowen sessions were designed to MY needs.
Ms Watkinson, Ripon

I had been having trouble with pain in my back and was finding it difficult to play cricket. After two courses of Bowen therapy, my back pain is totally gone, but I am still finding it difficult to play cricket!

Seriously, I found the treatment very relaxing and beneficial, and would not hesitate to come back if I had further problems. I have already recommended you to friends.

Thank you.
Phil Hardaker, Ripon

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Suitable for:

Stress & Tension
Sleep disturbance
Recovery of energy, Chronic Fatigue
Infant disorders - sleep problems, bed wetting, ADD, ADHD
Infant colic
Fertility problems
Breast pain. PMT
Digestive problems, IBS
Neck and Back problems
Shoulder and elbow problems including
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), carpal tunnel
Knee, ankle, foot problems
Competitive sports preparation and injury prevention
Hamstring problems
Respiratory conditions, Asthma, Hayfever
Headaches, Migraine, Jaw function problems
Neurological events i.e. Stroke, Bell's palsy
Chronic medical conditions
and much more...