Uses of Bowen Therapy

  • Bowen Therapy is a valuable tool which can be used in the treatment and importantly, the prevention of Sports injuries. Regular Bowen can help to increase flexibility, which enhances performance and helps to prevent injury and the dreaded re-injury. Where injury has occurred, recovery and repair of the body is generally faster when Bowen has been applied, so healing time is reduced.
  • Not everyone who comes for Bowen is unwell. Many people include Bowen Therapy as part of a Healthy Lifestyle. This is particularly important in today’s hectic environment, where relaxation can be difficult to achieve. Bowen Therapy can induce a feeling of deep relaxation and restfulness. Often, individuals fall in to a light sleep during treatment. Many say they generally sleep better after Bowen. This type of response helps towards reducing tension and anxiety.
  • Nothing can remove Arthritis once it is present. However, Bowen can help to reduce pain and symptoms to a more manageable level.
  • Many women get back pain in Pregnancy, with some finding it totally debilitating. Bowen can be used safely in pregnancy. It is very effective in reducing back pain and often helps to reduce the minor (though irritating) disorders of pregnancy. Your partner or husband will also be shown how to apply the Bowen moves.
  • Infant colic is a nightmare for the new mum. It is upsetting to see and difficult to deal with. Bowen is gentle enough to be used on the newborn and is very effective. The procedure takes only minutes to apply and doesn’t need any preparation.
  • The majority of ailments which present for treatment are Musculo-skeletal in nature. E.g. injuries to joints or muscles. Back pain is a common debilitating problem which responds extremely well to Bowen. Repetitive (work) injury/pain (including tennis and golfers elbow), is more of a challenge, as the cause of the problem is often triggered by specific repetitive activities. These problems respond well to Bowen, but may require a little more time, plus a close review of daily activities.
  • Terminal illness is often fraught with increasing fear, pain and anxiety. Bowen Therapy is now being used in Hospices along side medical management to improve comfort and quality of life. Bowen can be used to help when other therapies are too strenuous to accept.
  • The adaptability of Bowen makes it ideal for use with Children. Sessions are relaxed and enjoyable without losing the focus. Problems that can be helped include: sleep problems, bed wetting, A.D.D., A.D.H.D.
Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Suitable for:

Stress & Tension
Sleep disturbance
Recovery of energy, Chronic Fatigue
Infant disorders - sleep problems, bed wetting, ADD, ADHD
Infant colic
Fertility problems
Breast pain. PMT
Digestive problems, IBS
Neck and Back problems
Shoulder and elbow problems including
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), carpal tunnel
Knee, ankle, foot problems
Competitive sports preparation and injury prevention
Hamstring problems
Respiratory conditions, Asthma, Hayfever
Headaches, Migraine, Jaw function problems
Neurological events i.e. Stroke, Bell's palsy
Chronic medical conditions
and much more...